Roll of Honour

First held in 1991, the World Seniors Championship is the world's premier snooker tournament for snooker players aged 40 or over.

Since 2017, the tournament has formed part of the World Seniors Snooker Tour, with both icons of the sport and amateur qualifiers among those to contest the title.

2022Lee Walker5-4Jimmy White
2021David Lilley5-3Jimmy White
2020Jimmy White5–4Ken Doherty
2019Jimmy White5–3Darren Morgan
2018Aaron Canavan4–3Patrick Wallace
2017Peter Lines4–0John Parrott
2016Mark Davis2–1Darren Morgan
2015Mark Williams2–1Fergal O'Brien
2013Steve Davis2–1Nigel Bond
2012Nigel Bond2–0Tony Chappel
2011Darren Morgan2–1Steve Davis
2010Jimmy White4–1Steve Davis
1991Cliff Wilson5–4Eddie Charlton