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Players and officials at this year’s ROKiT World Seniors Snooker Championship have been working alongside with official COVID-19 testing partner Excalibur Healthcare Services on trialling their testing mobile app ‘Test to Go’.

Excalibur’s ‘Test to Go’ app aims to make COVID-19 testing at large scale events such as the ROKiT World Seniors Snooker Championship safer whilst also providing an easy way for venues to verify the COVID health status of visitors.

Prior to the four-day event at the Crucible Theatre, all players and officials involved underwent full COVID-19 testing which was administered by an Excalibur nursing team. The subsequent test results were then logged and processed onto Excalibur’s new app. Those tested received the Excalibur Rapid SARS COV-2 Antigen Test, which has been validated by the Department of Health and Social Care and has received registration with the UK regulator, MHRA.

Combining advanced Excalibur COVID-19 testing systems and technology from the UK-based AI company Sensyne Health, the ‘Test to Go’ app creates an easy-to-use digital record of users COVID test results and possible vaccination status. The app will launch on the App Store and on Google Play, and can be downloaded for personal or professional use.

John Virgo, who is part of the backstage team as a commentator for the championship, said: “Myself and the other players are grateful to be able to go ahead with this tournament with the confidence that we are doing so safely. Excalibur’s testing technology is quick, reliable and very easy to use, allowing us to focus fully on the game.”

Professor Sir Chris Evans, chairman and CEO of Excalibur, said: “It’s incredibly exciting to see Excalibur’s technology put to its intended use – getting us back to our favourite events and venues as safely as possible.

Reliable testing and the ability to verify results will be a crucial tool in returning to large scale events, while still keeping the infection rate under control. I personally can’t wait to pull out my phone, show my test results and return to a rugby match or a restaurant with complete confidence.”